I’ve listened to recordings for years by Kelly Howell from

She offers a few free downloads from her site, so it’s probably easier to tell you to visit the site rather than try to explain what the recordings are – and what they do for you.

Basically, they are “layered” audio recordings. Some have music and others sound more like vibrational frequencies. Anyway, they all contain some sort of aural brainwave frequency sounds added in that are helpful for different circumstances such as concentration, creativity, sleep, relaxation, anxiety, weight loss and so on.

The first time I listened I was very skeptical they had any effect at all. Five years later I’m here to tell you they work.

I’ll write more about the different ones that I’ve tried later. In the meantime, go check out Kelly Howell and

GoPro HD Hero 2 – Wow!

A friend of mine from my school days just posted some of her photos on Facebook, and they were amazing! She just got a new camera for her birthday, but this is no ordinary camera. It’ a HD Hero from


You have to go check this out now! I am blown away by the quality and realism of the video and still images this camera produces.


Actually, I’m not sure which model she got. They now have a second updated version which I am sure is 2x twice as good. : )


Seriously, go check this out at


You know this a fun camera when you visit the site and your choice of products are: Outdoor Edition, Motorsports Edition, and Surf Edition. I MUST own one of these!

Notice the Camera on the Front of the Surfboard

Here is a screenshot I grabbed right from the front of their website. Click on the image to go to the homepage. They even have made a way to use the HD Hero Camera in 3D! Checkout the GoPro 3D Hero System – it combines cameras so you can create 3D videos.


WHAT? I can’t tell you how excited I am to learn about this!


So, back to my friend’s photo posted of her kids. They kids were in the water at the beach. One of them threw the camera up in the sky. The camera captured an INCREDIBLE shot of the kids in the water with the water, rocks, and sand in the background.


WOW, I’ve never seen anything like it aside from scenes in a magazine.


I was thinking how much I would have LOVED that camera when I lived in San Pedro, Belize. But, I was sure that a professional HD specialty video camera like this would cost thousands of dollars.


Much to my surprise the GoPro HD Hero 2 is only $299. Yes, less than 300 bucks!


My birthday is in a few weeks, ahem. MY BIRTHDAY IS IN A FEW WEEKS.


Now I know what I want!